This page is devoted to the Rentier - those who are planning to invest and not to engage in an active business.

Rentier (fr. Rentier from rente - rent) - those living on rent, that is income derived from capital, as a rule, placed in the form of bank deposits, securities, income property, land, businesses, and, less often, on income derived by copyright and royalties (Wikipedia).

BiznesMost works with the Yield real estate, land, and "simple business" on the basis of real estate. BiznesMost helps the owner of capital (investor) to find a quality facility with a good passive income. We help the seller get the future rental income for a few years already.

The difference is that some of the main factors of production (time, labor, capital) are more involved.

Active income - means predominance of time and labor.

Passive Income - means return on Capital invested.

There's no exhaustive list - here are some examples of Customers:

Rent = Simple Business. A lot easier than retailers - once you found a partner and that's all.

An example is cited by a Managing director of one of the largest shopping malls in Kiev.

We want to add that a quality Rental business has a steady demand, so good cash flow for a good price is hard to find.