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Stock of orders, with which we had to work lately, for Buyers:

  • Purchase of a BC of 5000-20000 m2 as a working business, with current income and investment horizon of 10 years - an international company.
  • Purchase of an IC plant in Kiev, as a platform for development purposes.
  • Search for the site for placement of the hotel with 200 rooms in the city center.
  • Purchase of a building to place a laboratory with specific requirements for the placement - Kiev, an international company.
  • Rent of a space for food production with specific requirements - an international company.
  • Purchase of an agricultural land with the land bank from 3000 ha in the Kiev region.
  • Purchase of an industrial complex of 6000-10000m2 for energy production.
  • Purchase of a regional distribution warehouse in Kiev - a large trading company in Ukraine.
  • Purchase of an office building of 7,000 m2, with further reprofiling for budget accommodation.
  • Purchase of an infrastructural site to accommodate large-scale production at a distance of 100 km from Kiev, with the prospect of expansion to 100 hectares.
  • Purchase of a logistics complex in the area of 30 km from Kiev.
  • Purchase of premises for educational institutions - non-residents.
  • Purchase of NEO for the placement of the office of the institution.
  • Other.

The technology of BiznesMost work allows you to work with objects of any type, even if we have not worked with any narrow segment.

Typically, during one month, the Buyer shows us those nuances that we have to take into account already at a particular object.


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