Properties for business - it is a commercial, industrial, hotel, Warehouse property, property complexes, detached building (NEOs), infrastructural facilities as a platform for doing business, and more. The land, we are also looking at it as real estate, as actually the Law of Ukraine. We also participate in transactions with business on the basis of real property rights: income property, BC (as the rental business), agricultural enterprises with the land bank.

Every Property Owner in one way or another is faced with the following operations, in which the BM company can provide qualified support:

Depending on the situation, this concept may include qualified search for Buyers / Real estate objects, Legal assessment of the possibility of making a deal with a specific object, Organization of negotiations, preparation of contracts and structuring, calculation of transaction costs, representation in court, Preparing (analysis) of Leases, Representation in government (registration of rights, land relations). We provide advice on the current status of the individual market segments of commercial real estate market on the market examples, as well as Analysis of the Legal Prospects of a dispute concerning the right to property FREE OF CHARGE.

We work both with Buyers AND Sellers AND with the parties to the dispute. Any operation of real estate for Business - it is a profound work. This work requires a set of skills, experience and time. Our client - has a business related to real estate, can check the quality of our services and evaluates their time as being more expensive than ours.

Yes, we are interested in collaboration with intermediaries and representatives. A good partner performs part of the work and thus shortens the project implementation period.

Our services are more practical. At the core of our services are cold economic calculation and statistical methods. Yes, we can be emotional during negotiations (as realtors), and also we study technical specifications significantly deeper. Yes, we know the law and know how to speak English (as international companies), and we also possess a significantly better understanding of local legal nuances and procedural law.

We focus on the reward for "success". Our prices are "market prices", with high quality services. Details on request.

You may ask us questions important to you about the market, prices and legal risks in a particular segment of the real estate. The ideal customer is a businessman who has "explored the market" and knows how to evaluate the quality of services.

We specialize in a segment of real estate for Business.